Christian Guitar Songs - 3 Easy-To-Play Christian Songs On Guitar

20 Aug

Christian guitar songs are a great way to learn to play guitar. Learning to play Christian songs on guitar is how I, and many of my friends, learned how to play, and many of us play guitar for a living now lyrics. Christian guitar songs, praise and worship songs in particular, are mostly structured in the same way as any other type of song you might hear from your favorite band or on the radio, except praise songs are usually far more basic.

Now, I'm not saying all praise songs are super basic, but there are enough out there (I've listed three below!) that you can play very easily because they are built around just a few basic chords. In fact, you can learn dozens Christian guitar songs by simply learning three or four basic chords. Not only that, but many of those same songs can be played with the same, or a very similar, strumming pattern.

Not to mention, playing Christian songs on guitar can give you a unique opportunity to worship outside of the walls of a church building. Granted, at first it will sound more like a dying cat than worship, but before long you will-in a shorter amount of time than you might think-sound great! And besides, God is not concerned with the sound...only purity of heart. And nothing is more raw and pure than singing a praise song to God that you learned that very day-the first song you ever played on guitar.

1. Give Us Clean Hands

The verses for Give Us Clean Hands have only three chords (G, D, C). The song doesn't introduce another chord (Em) until the Chorus and then repeats the verse chords. And once you get to the bridge of the song, it repeats the same chords you have already been playing. This song is particularly easy to learn because it is a slow to moderate paced Christian guitar song, which gives you more time to switch from one chord to the next. This is often the most difficult obstacle for the beginner to overcome. But, as with many things in life, the perceived size of the obstacle is far larger than the obstacle itself. Much of what makes this song amongst the easier songs to learn is also true of the other two songs listed below, so I'll make my comments briefer on those.

2. Blessed Be Your Name

Well, if you do take the time to learn Give Us Clean hands, than you shouldn't have too much trouble with Blessed Be Your Name, since it has the exact same chords. In fact, this Christian song on guitar may be easier to learn because the strumming pattern doesn't change throughout the entire song.

3. Center

Much like the other Christian guitar songs above, Center is not only a great song, but it also repeats the same chords over and over again. Now, the order of the chords-the chord progression-changes, but there are only three chords in the whole song.

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